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"As soon as you are fully connected to yourself, you will be able to live from your own strength" 

We live in a world where we have taught ourselves to measure ourselves against our surroundings and this often brings up an enormous need for proof. By looking outwards and comparing yourself to others, you run away from what's inside yourself.  It makes you insecure, makes it difficult for you to choose for yourself. It is even paralyzing. 

As a Life coach I guide women back to awareness and connection. As soon as you learn to feel, to connect with your body and your gut feeling, you will be able to make choices for yourself. You will learn to break old patterns. It brings you closer to yourself, with inner peace, energy, a more positive feeling and balance.  

In addition to your request for help, we determine a goal. Where do you want to go? This as the light at the end of the tunnel.

We go through your patterns and see which factors are currently holding you back from living the life where you are empowered.

By applying various practical techniques, you will learn and experience how to really choose yourself.  

Say 'YES' to inner peace and connection and plan a free consultation with me!


Does this sound familiair?


You've lost the connection with yourself

It's hard for you to set boundaries 

You tend to overthink everything

You feel uncomfortable in your own skin

Choices in the past keep haunt you

You find it hard to be on your own

You feel stressed 

You seek confirmation of others 

You  miss purpose in life 

You are too hard on yourself 

You are stuck in old patterns



More than enough reasons to take the first step in not further bypassing yourself!

Take that first step towards a well balanced life, from your head to your heart, in which you set boundaries, can look at yourself with tenderness and do what makes you happy, because you are connected to yourself. 

Are you ready to choose YOU?!
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