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Single mother 

Single lady 

Single mom by choice 

Queer Community 



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“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” 
- Lalah Delia. 






Hello, my name is Femkje. I believe that for most parts we all are responsible for our own luck and joy in life. We are able to direct a lot of it ourselves, apart from the things that are out of our own control. Like finding out you are in (early) menopause. That was something I had no control over. The way I was and still are letting that control my life I have! 

Finding out I was in early menopause, was the moment I realised things needed to change. For years I had been working really hard trying to keep everyone else happy except myself . Which also meant I had put my own luck outside of myself. That had to change! I wasn't sure anymore if I would ever become a mother, something that I had wanted my entire life. I had completely lost connection with myself. 


Thanks to all the experience as well as therapies and an education in holistic coaching, I have now learned how to stay in connection with myself. Which helps me to accept myself as I am. Plus, it enables me to look at myself with more softness and in all vulnerability. I can truly say today I am choosing and living from the heart and my gut feeling. 

At my practice I guide you in a practical way towards a life with more understanding and consciousness, which will help you to get more grip on your thoughts as well as your emotions and energy. And from there you will be able to look at yourself with more understanding and softness. Everything is already there, within you. Together we will be working towards the ability to fully experience it!!

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"My coaching journey with Femkje has been extremely nice and it had changed my life in a very positive way. I never expected to experience so much change after just a few sessions. From being a woman who was restless, who had difficulties recognizing her own boundaries and not being able to connect with her own body, I wen to being a woman who is experiencing more inner peace and balance, I am in connection with my heart and am now making decisions from the heart and my gutfeeling. Femkje is a lovely woman, who knows exactly what you need and she knows what to use during her sessions to turn you the right way. What a tremendous gift!"

Dianne M. 

"The sessions with Femkje have helped me getting closer to my actual feelings and being able to make choises from the heart. Choises that are made based on considerations that matter. The exercises that we have done, have given me so much insights and inner peace. I have found myself again after a difficult time. Before this time I have never talked to a coach and I feel that this would have been very useful in earlier stages of my life. For me the click is very personal. why this works for me has to do with the fact that I experience the Femkje is very professional, but mostly because she coaches from the thought that I can find the answers within myself. "

Marjolein V. 

Femkje has brought me closer to myself. The past few months have given me so much. Femkje knew to ask the right questions without judgement. Quite confronting. It appeared to be so much more behind my initial request for help. Femkje has a calm tone of voice and her nice energy always felt right. Most of the times I walked out of the session with a lighter heart and new insights. 

Anneloes V. 

My coaching sessions with Femkje have been very valuable. Femkje listens without judgement and hears the question behind the question. The sessions have brought me a lot of insights. I have become aware of my convictions and the influence of those in my daily life. Femkje has helped me to reconnect with myself, I am better able to make choices that feel good and also better in letting go of all the convictions that have no purpose.

Eelke Z.

Femkje heeft mij weer dichter bij mezelf gebracht. De afgelopen maanden hebben mij veel gegeven, Femkje wist zonder oordeel de juiste vragen te stellen. Confronterend, dat wel. Er bleek veel meer achter mijn hulpvraag te zitten. 

Met Femkje haar rustige stem en fijne energie voelde het echter altijd goed. Ik liep vaak lichter de deur uit met nieuwe inzichten.

Monique M.

Because of her own fertility trajectory/experience I ended up with Femkje. 

She has been able to help me with my doubts about having children (including useful tips) and in other areas, made me realize that I can be kinder & gentler to myself. 

Due to the travel distance, the sessions took place online. So special, it's like we're sitting across from each other in the same room. During the sessions she anticipates the moment and responds to the feeling and reaction I had/gave. 

Femkje is someone who works straight from her heart and is close to herself and conveys this. 

Angelique R.

Ik heb Femkje als een zeer prettige en kundige coach ervaren. Ze weet je precies de juiste dingen te zeggen om nieuwe inzichten te krijgen over jezelf. Door middel van 1 op 1 gesprekken en oefeningen kom je zo tot een doorbraak. Ik ben Femkje zeer dankbaar en zou echt tegen anderen willen zeggen: gun jezelf dit!  

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