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Holistic Life- and Fertility Coach

Let me introduce myself: I am Femkje! Mother of a very cute yet naughty little boy. I have been living in Amsterdam for over a decade, but I grew up in the eastern part of the Netherlands. 

As long as I can remember I have been o a great quest. What did I want to study, where would I find my great love, who do I want to be? 

One thing was clear however; I definitely wanted to become mother. That was my forever dream! 


From working as a teacher, I went to work in the international fashion industry as that made me feel I was important and fitted in. Even though it made me feel completely lost. For years I have worked really hard for everyone else except for myself.  


When I was around 38 I was completely burned out. No one thought it could also be a combination with something else, such as early menopause. I kept up with my old patterns. Until I tried to become pregnant a few years later. It appeared I suffered from POI, meaning I was in early menopause. And from what it appeared I had been already for a few years. 

That was the moment where I realised things needed to change! Suddenly it was totally unsure if I would ever become mother and I had competely lost connection with myself. 

The choice of pursuing my dream to become a mother with the help of both an eggcell- and sperm donor I made from the heart and my gut feeling. I could no longer deny it.  

I got pregnant and started my education to become a Holistic Coach around the same time. Again I followed my gut feeling. During my education I have learned to reconnect with myself and how to be able to stay there. I have learned to accept both myself and my body while seeing myself with softness. 

The experiences acquired at the Academy in combination with therapy has brought me closer to myself. It also clarified my purpose in life; guiding other women on their paths towards themselves. As every woman deserves to chase her dreams from a deep connection within!   



You might know how important it is  to properly take care of yourself, sometimes you need help with that! You are not alone!  

I know how intense it is to be on a fertility journey, with all the disappointments that come with it. Starting with the diagnose that getting pregnant naturally is not going to be your story. 

It take up your entire life, while you are trying to keep your back straight and not to complain too much. That is how women have learned for generations; we don't complain. Even though it is eating you up inside and you have completely lost connection with yourself.

I am here to guide you back to yourself!

We work together, to bring you insight and awareness, so you can face everything that comes your way, well balanced. We will look at old patterns and beliefs and we will work on acceptance and letting go. To create space and peace and to make you shine from within! 


 I would love to hear your story! 

Curious about what I can mean for you? Send me a message so we can meet.


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