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"When you become aware of your emotional burden, space can be created"

Hello you, lovely lady. How are you? 


Maybe you are together with your partner or it's just you, you are working really hard in making your wish of becoming a mother come true and on your way you have already come across a lot of disappointments. 

Maybe you still are in the process of  to taking the first  step, but it is already a fact that it will take an entire fertility journey to become pregnant at all.  And while you are processing all that, it feels like the entire world gets pregnant without a blink of an eye. 

All this demands a lot from you and it's a fact that it costs a great deal of energy.  


The grief for not being able to trust your body anymore, as well as the disappointments and fear, which caused you to lose faith in yourself completely and it made you disconnect to yourself. How to deal with all that?  

Where do you get the strength to go on? 

When you become aware of your emotional burden, space can be created. By learning to accept, you will be able to let go and refind your balance. 

As fertility coach I will guide and support you during your journey. So you will be able to face your obstacles from a position of inner peace. and from there you will find your balance. Whether this is before, during or after a medical treatment! 

Do you want to be able to rely on yourself, even when the going gets tough? 

Plan an introduction with me! 


"Every woman is unique and needs something else." 

Every woman is different and needs something else. During a coaching program I observe who your are and which approach would work best for you. At Femkje Coaching you will be guided in a practical way, using different techniques. 

I offer you the tools you need to reconnect with yourself and be able to power your own course, during your personal process around your wish to become a mother. 

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